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Fwd: How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters 2010-02-22 1 Comment

So what do I do when I should actually be learning? Watching Google Techtalks! Let me recommend this one to you: His slides (PDF) are available, too.

Google Tech Talks feed clone without duplicates 2009-03-25 1 Comment

Result first, story after: Google Tech Talks feed clone without duplicates NOTE: 30 minute check interval just right as the script is updated every 60 minutes on my end I’ve been subscribed to their feed before but canceled my subscription soon because the flood of duplicates took down the signal to noise ratio below what […]

I know you know Techtalks 2009-01-27 1 Comment

With adopting things I’m probably in (what some people call) the late majority so I’m quite sure anybody coming here knows about Google Techtalks already. I feel like mentioning them now because I just re-realized what they mean to me. From all the input I process Techtalks have always ranked among the most inspiring and […]