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libbs2b 2.2.1 released 2009-02-27 3 Comments

bs2b is short for “Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP”, an audio effect increasing headphone listening pleasure. Check the well-explained algorithm details for more. I helped with making a shared library from bs2b using the Autotools family: Autoconf, Automake, Libtool, autogen.sh. The just-released libbs2b-2.2.1 is featuring that. bs2b plugins for many popular audio players are already available (e.g. […]

autogen.sh 2008-12-22 No Comments

autogen.sh is nothing new: people write a custom one for every Autotools-based project they work on, unless they use autoreconf and that actually works. I found myself within this set when I stumbled upon project buildconf on SourceForge.  What Sean Morrison is working on there is a universal one-file tool to save people from writing […]

Integrating Qt’s Meta object compiler (moc) with GNU Automake 2008-03-24 2 Comments

Smoothly integrating Moc into a GNU autotools project is not trivial. What I present here is just one way, rather than “the way”. Actually just a few bytes to get you started. Let’s go. File Makefile.am include ${top_srcdir}/moc.mk bin_PROGRAMS = \ automoc $(automoc_OBJECTS) : \ moc_qobject_class_a.cpp \ moc_qobject_class_b.cpp automoc_SOURCES = \ qobject_class_a.h \ qobject_class_b.h \ […]

The Autotools file jungle No Comments

As a fall-out of a GNU Autotools conversion I am currently working on I made an overview graph of the files and tools involved with an GNU Autotools-bases project. The filled, grey ellipses are tools you need to have installed. All other ellipses represent files specific to the related Autotools project. The above image is […]

FAPG 0.39 released, introducing XSPF support 2008-02-18 No Comments

FAPG 0.39 was just released. It is now using Autotools and comes with XSPF support through uriparser.

XSPF patch for FAPG 0.38 2008-02-16 No Comments

FAPG is a playlist generator written in C running on Unix systems. The latest release supports various output formats but an important one is still missing… XSPF. This is where my patch comes into play. This patch adds XSPF support to FAPG 0.38. To be able to do this it introduces a dependency on uriparser […]

GNU Automake 1.10.1: Now with LZMA support 2008-01-23 No Comments

GNU Automake 1.10.1 was released yesterday, finally featuring LZMA support, meaning you can now make Automake create .tar.lzma files. LZMA usually compresses better than bzip2 and also decompresses faster. To create .tar.lzma files for your projects you have to modify AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS in the related Makefile.am file: AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = 1.10.1 dist-lzma Would be great to see […]