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Firefox on Win+B with AutoHotkey 2008-12-13 1 Comment

A great thing about the Windows key is that no application other than Windows creates shortcuts involving this key. So you can bind most combination like Win+B (and Win+T for Thunderbird) to custom actions, provided you have a Free Software tool doing that for you like AutoHotkey. Making it open Firefox the way I want […]

Irssi Windows Installer and USB archive released 2008-02-03 1 Comment

Joshua Dick and I have been putting work into improving the Irssi experience for Windows users. We made an installer built on NSIS and an USB archive made to be put on an USB stick and allow carrying your personal Irssi instance with you. Welcome page Both packages offer running Irssi in two modes: either […]

Open Source IRC on Windows 2007-12-27 1 Comment

HydraIRC mis-uses the term “Open Source”, Bersirc has been no fun to use in the past, … Until a few days ago I thought there was no decent Open Source IRC client available for Windows. Great to see that Irssi has up-to-date Windows/Cygwin binaries now.

Cygwin from here 2007-10-27 7 Comments

I’m very happy that I finally got this working: a Windows shell menu entry CYGWIN from here that opens a Cygwin Bash for that very folder. After weeks of typing “cd /cygd<TAB>/c/” and so on now two clicks instead are ten times faster for me, assuming that this very folder was under my nose in […]

I’m shocked. 2007-08-06 2 Comments

I’m shocked how much a pleasing visual style can influence my feel for and my view of Windows. Yes, that closed source Microsoft thing that I’m trying to move away from. The “Windows Classic Style” made me angry more and more and now Windows looks nice on my Computer. I’m shocked. Responsible is the Royale […]

Never comment out testcases… 2007-07-05 No Comments

A few minutes before releasing uriparser 0.4.0 I once again had to replace a call to itoa with a call to sprintf because that functon is not available on Unix. No big deal – I wrote a testcase for that. Replace the call, compile, run the test suite. Too bad I commented out that testcase […]

Trouble with Patch 2.5.8-8 on Cygwin 2006-02-10 No Comments

I am not fully sure yet but it seems like Patch 2.5.8-8 does not work properly with text files when choosing “Unix/binary” as default text file type in the Cygwin installer. So if you have trouble with Patch too maybe a clean re-installation with “DOS/text” mode can help.