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Opal scheme for Programmer’s Notepad 2 2006-03-13 No Comments

I finished my Opal scheme for Programmer’s Notepad 2 so here it is: opal_pn2.scheme. Since PN2 is based on Scintilla you will need a version of SciLexer.dll containing the “opal” lexer. This lexer is included in Scintilla 1.68 and later. The latest DLL can be found in wscite???.zip from here.

Scintilla/SciTE 1.68 released 2006-03-11 No Comments

Scintilla 1.68 has just been released. It is the first official release also including my Opal lexer besides other good things listed on the history page. You can download it from here.

Patch for “props” lexer 2006-02-12 No Comments

I wrote a patch for the “props” lexer which makes it possible to highlight the left and the right side of an assignment in two different colours. The patch requires Scintilla/SciTE 1.67. First download the patch from HERE and then apply it by running “patch -p0 < scite167_props_patch.diff". Update: This patch will be included in […]

Opal lexer for Scintilla 2006-02-05 1 Comment

My Opal lexer can now be found at the Scintilla CVS and will be included in the next official Scintilla release. The Inno Setup lexer by Friedrich Vedder will also be included.