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XSPF at Google Summer of Code 2009 2009-03-21 No Comments

There are two XSPF-related projects for Summer of Code this year: XSPF import and export for Songbird Python library / Online validator refactoring Please check the Summer of Code 2009 page at the Xiph Wiki for details and the complete list of Xiph projects waiting for you to apply. 🙂 Student application starts in two […]

libxspf 1.2.0 released 2009-03-07 No Comments

This release features build system changes and fixes, as well as an extension for the C bindings for parsing XSPF from a block of memory. Please see the change log for details. This release is both source- and binary-compatible. Download Changelog

libxspf 1.1.0 released (successor of libSpiff) 2009-02-22 No Comments

With this release libSpiff mutates into libxspf, same thing new name. Under the hood the build system has improved and generation of Qt Assistant-friendly documentation has been added. The source code moved from a Subversion to a Git repository. Please meet me at the XSPF mailing list to team up on any transition-related issues. Thank […]

SF.net Subversion to Xiph.org Git migration 2009-02-21 No Comments

I’m still at renaming libSpiff to libxspf and as part of that I also decided to move from Subversion to Git. In case anybody plans to do similar here is what I did: Get a shell account at git.xiph.org and write access to /var/www/git.xiph.org/libxspf.git/. Run a few commands only my local shell: # Fetch old […]

libSpiff 1.0.0 released 2008-09-21 No Comments

Besides bug fixes and cleanups this release mainly features a re-designed XSPF writing API and malicious XML detection à la billion laughs. The writing API in previous releases was unnecessary ugly; I think it got better. Malicious XML detection should be of most interest to people using libSpiff in web services. More about its internals […]

libSpiff 1.0.0rc3 released 2008-09-08 No Comments

This release now fully implements the error model introduced in libSpiff 1.0.0rc1. libSpiff has been a very strict parser from the beginning – too strict for real world XSPF files. In a recent test on about 650 XSPF files from the net only 47% held valid XSPF content. With previous releases of libSpiff this was […]

XSPF in the wild and how to produce valid XSPF No Comments

I’ve been batch-checking the first 661 XSPF files that Google gives you when searching for filetype:xspf. As Murphy would have expected every error that could occur actually did. An interesting pattern is that 47% of the checked XSPF files are invalid 58% of these because of XML errors That’s shocking but I expected worse. As […]

libSpiff 1.0.0rc2 released 2008-09-01 No Comments

(libSpiff 1.0.0rc1 was some kind of “internal release” so let me properly introduce libSpiff 1.0.0rc2 as the union of the changes in both.) This release fixes the broken XML Base implementation introduced in libSpiff 0.8.4. Besides general cleanup it also introduces the base for a new error-handling model. libSpiff now is at a point of […]

libSpiff 0.8.4 released 2008-07-31 1 Comment

This release mainly introduces support for the xml:base attribute. If you work with XSPF files not created by libSpiff, updating is highly recommended. This release is both source- and binary-compatible. Download Changelog

FAPG 0.39 released, introducing XSPF support 2008-02-18 No Comments

FAPG 0.39 was just released. It is now using Autotools and comes with XSPF support through uriparser.