JSON Highlighter for Kate 2007-10-09

I just finished a JSON highlighter for Kate and KWrite. It comes with

  • folding,
  • escape-sequence standout,
  • different colors for keys and values and
  • basic error marking

The highlighter should work for KDE3 as well and can be downloaded here here.

The screenshot shows JSPF draft code. JSPF is the JSON counterpart of the XML-based XML Sharable Playlist Format, short XSPF.

Luke Parry October 9th, 2007

Will be very useful for developing javascript, json projects in, so I hugely appreciate your efforts in developing this 😉

enguillem October 9th, 2007

i have one question.

is there any plugin to autocomplete js or php code with kate? i think is the best option to develope code but i miss an autocompletion tool to write code easier.


Christian May 30th, 2009


nice work, but I found a bug:

Perhaps you can fix it?

DaveQB August 6th, 2009

I hate to sound ignorant, but how do you “use” this plugin?


sping July 19th, 2010

FYI: Nested arrays are supported by now.

Sebastian March 15th, 2013

The link does not work 🙁

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