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What being a Gentoo developer is about


Besides writing ebuilds itself being a Gentoo developer is about quite a few other things: it's never just configure-make-make-install. It's actually true not only for Gentoo but for other distros, too. Read on.

So what is it?

So if you are still wondering what distro developers (sometimes called "packagers") are doing I can recommend watching How to Build Applications Linux Distributions will Package (audio from 1:40 on) of PyCon 2009 by Toshio Kuratomi of Fedora.

As a result of all these other aspects there is a lot of room for challenge, interaction, and — dependening of your definition of that word — beauty. If you're thinking by now: wow, cool, I want to join with this : please contact us! Drop by in #gentoo on Freenode for instance and say hello.


The Gentoo tool mentioned in the end by someone from the audience is g-pypi, I suppose. There's a related Summer of Code task related to g-pypi, if you're a student looking for paid fun in the summer.