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Kate searching: Please help with beta testing!

Hello again! The search and replace functionality of Kate/KWrite now is in a usable state. I just fixed another two bugs and we are now at the point where bugs are found by real life application.

So what I'm asking for is if you have checked out Kate/KWrite anyway please check if it can handle your daily search and replace tasks.

As an appetizer creating setters from class members should be no problem:

 Search: "^(.+) (m_(.+));"
Replace: "void Some::set\3(\1 \3) {\n    \2 = \3;\n}\n"


char * m_name;
int m_count;


void Some::setname(char * name) {
    m_name = name;

void Some::setcount(int count) {
    m_count = count;

Yes, the camel case is broken but there is a solution to that (\U, \L and \E as in EmEditor) that I hope to find time for later. Now throw bug reports at me! :-)