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Created with Free Software! A button to spread the word

Last month I did a presentation on the concept of redundancy in a human factor related seminar at university. As most participants were non-IT people and using Windows I felt like promoting Free Software without making it "too loud". So I came up with the idea of putting a rubber stamp "Created with Free Software" onto the front slide. I found an Inkscape tutorial on rubber stamps to get me started. This is the result: On the the front slide: To get the stamp appear at that very place can be a little tricky. Feel free to inspect the slide sources, particularly redundanz.tex. By now there is optimized PNGs

  • in 4 colors (original/red, gray, white and black)
  • in 4 sizes (88x28/59, 120x38/81, 180x57/121 and 300x95/201)
  • rotated or not (0° and 25° counter-clockwise)

and SVGs respectively. In case you need PDFs: Inkscape converts well on the commandline:

# inkscape --export-pdf=out.pdf in.svg

To see them all please visit the "Created with Free Software" page of the FSFE. Please make use of this stamp whereever you see fits. If you have photos or screenshots of the button in action please comment here. Please join promoting Free Software!

[EDIT] : The button sources (SVG) are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license (unlike this blog post itself, see box below). The PNG versions are licensed even more liberally under the Creative Commons Zero 1.0 Universal license. The idea is to keep derivatives "in the pool" while allowing to use the PNGs without even attribution.