On safe-mail.net free, anonymous e-mail 2013-10-05

Since lavabit.com went down, I have been looking for a substitute: a mail provider with

  • anonymous set-up process
  • IMAP support
  • SSL support
  • free of cost

hushmail.com reserves IMAP access to paying customers. With safe-mail.net it is the other way around: SMTP access is reserved to paying customers, IMAP is not. So it is a good fit for receiving notifications from a website that you would rather not use your first@family.org style address with.

While safe-mail.net docs mention www.safe-mail.net for SMTP, IMAP, POP consistently. With Thunderbird you get no helpful error, but a raw IMAP test login helps:

# openssl s_client -connect www.safe-mail.net:993
* OK IMAP4 on tapuz.safe-mail.net at ??? ??? ?? ??:??:?? 2013
foo LOGIN ???????@Safe-mail.net ????????????
foo NO LOGIN failed. (Please change incoming and outgoing server
     from www.Safe-mail.net to tamar.Safe-mail.net)

So tamar.safe-mail.net it is. Okay…

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