LightZone in Gentoo betagarden 2013-02-17

If you are running Gentoo, heard about the release of the LightZone source code and got curious to see it for yourself:

sudo layman -a betagarden
sudo emerge -av media-gfx/LightZone

What you get is LightZone 100% built from sources, no more shipped .jar files included.

One word of warning: the software has not seen much testing in this form, yet. So if your pictures mean a lot you, make backups before. Better safe than sorry.

kollin February 18th, 2013

Installation went smooth and LightZone runs fine, thank you!

Jose Della Bosca January 20th, 2014

You must set the default system JAVA-VM to oracle one so you can compile it.

emc March 26th, 2014

I try emerge LigthZone and since sun-jdk i masked I try update LightZone ebuild (and all deps) to oracle-1.7 I have problem with substance-3.3. Strange it try windows path:

/var/tmp/portage/dev-java/substance-3.3-r1/work/substance-3.3/build.xml:98: /var/tmp/portage/dev-java/substance-3.3-r1/work/substance-3.3/C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.5.0_11 does not exist.

I take LightZone ebuild (and all deps) to my overlay and update a bit:

It’s possible to help me to update

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