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Vector remake of GDM 2.x background "gentoo-cow"

It has been on my personal todo list for a while to remake the background of the "gentoo-cow" GDM 2.x theme in vector format. So I took some time to work on that today. The result is an SVG file and a bunch of PNG renderings (in many resolutions, ratios 4:3, 5:4, 8:5 and 16:9), now part of the Gentoo Linux Wallpapers section. With that remade vector version you can

  • make razor-sharp renderings for any resolution you like
  • adjust colors for yourself with high quality results despite little effort
  • distribute any derivative works under CC-BY-SA/2.5

Maybe someone likes to base a (legally sound) GDM 3.x or GRUB 2 theme on it... ?! If you need help setting up an efficient GRUB 2 theming playground, please get in touch.

Download SVG