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Poster "Gentoo Abducted"

Back in 2004 Matteo "Peach" Pescarin did a poster edit of his "Gentoo Abducted" wallpaper.

The poster is portrait format and shows a city in background, instead of countryside, if you look close. He has now re-released its SVG sources.

With these sources the Förderverein Gentoo e.V. is able to offer a limited number of FREE A1 poster prints at LinuxTag Berlin next week. Please drop by to get your copy.

The posters were printed from a 3521x4978 TIFF file, which is A1 plus 1mm overlap everywhere at 150dpi, making a 50MB upload after removal of the alpha channel. Flyeralarm has done a great job on print with regard to all of quality, time, price, and service.

UPDATE : We have run out of posters on the fourth (and last) day of LinuxTag. 100 posters it was.