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genkernel 3.4.13 released


I have just released genkernel 3.4.13 to the testing tree. This release mainly brings:

  • /dev is rescued past the call to switch_root (of Busybox)
  • iBFT support for iSCSI

Below you can find details on the changes since Besides the people contributing bug reports special thanks go to:

  • Peter Hjalmarsson (/dev handling)
  • PhobosK (genkernel.conf extension)
  • Stefan Behte (iBFT support)

Please open bugs for any issues you run into.

Bugs fixed

  • 268468 Add SPLASH and SPLASH_THEME to genkernel.conf
  • 314575 Add iBFT support for iSCSI
  • 353024 Use devtmpfs/tmpfs for /dev
  • 344407 Rescue /dev over to chroot

Thanks for your interest.