genkernel 3.4.12 released 2011-01-23


I have just released genkernel 3.4.12 to the testing tree.

From a high level point of view this release brings:

  • Proper support for MDADM (software RAID)
  • A few minor bug fixes

Below you can find details on the changes since

Besides the people contributing bug reports special thanks go to:

  • Craig Andrews (Testing)
  • Laurent Pinchart (mdmon/IMSM support)
  • Matthias Dahl (Original mdadm patch)
  • Xake (Testing)

Please open bugs for any issues you run into.

Bugs fixed

282100 Add proper mdadm support
351376 Enable CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND for x86/amd64
277607 Replace “${MAKEOPTS/-j?/j1}” by “${MAKEOPTS} -j1”
263927 Do not query out-of-sync files for kernel version

Thanks for your interest.

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