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Fwd: Petition to make Winamp go open source (on near end of life) 2013-11-28 No Comments

Winamp is going end-of-life by 2013-12-20. Quoting this page: Winamp.com and associated web services will no longer be available past December 20, 2013. Additionally, Winamp Media players will no longer be available for download. Please download the latest version before that date. See release notes for latest improvements to this last release. Thanks for supporting […]

Extended NxS BigClock Plugin 2006-06-16 No Comments

I extended Nicolai Syvertsen’s NxS BigClock Winamp Plugin for a freeze feature. The full changelog entry is: Time display can be disabled to have visualization only Current time mode made unselectable in menu Small speed improvement Winamp shutdown improved in the installer Window position can now be locked (similar to gen_freeze) Config dialog bug fixed […]

Dialog Fix for Shibatch’s Super Equalizer 2006-06-13 No Comments

Shibatch’s Super Equalizer has some font problems resulting in an ugly and mis-sized config dialog. I solved this font problem so here is the fixed version of the plugin. Download: dsp_superequ_003_fixed.zip The related thread at the Winamp forum can be found here.

Freeze Plugin updated 2006-06-10 No Comments

I rewrote the engine of the Freeze Winamp Plugin: Changing the settings no longer requires restarting Winamp and by holding CTRL when clicking you can now move frozen windows. Download: gen_freeze_20.zip

GPL Freeverb Winamp Plugin 2006-04-25 2 Comments

I recently worked on a new DSP plugin for Winamp using the Freeverb algorithm by Jeremy Wakefield. It is now ready for public eyes so grab a copy and see what it can do for your music. Download: dsp_freeverb_gpl_071.zip

CD-ROM Door Locking in Winamp 2006-03-21 No Comments

I ejected an Audio-CD playing with Winamp by mistake and thought it would be nice to have the drive door locked automatically. So I wrote gen_autolock which has done a good job for me so far. GPL’d source is included. Download it from here: gen_autolock_20060321.zip . Note: As I understood MSDN the function used to […]