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More PN2 Schemes 2006-03-29 No Comments

For people using NSIS or Inno Setup with Programmer’s Notepad 2 life is a little prettier now with these two schemes I finished some time ago: Inno Setup – inno.scheme NSIS – nsis2.scheme The former was derived from the SciTE property file, the latter is the fixed and extended version of the scheme file from […]

Opal scheme for Programmer’s Notepad 2 2006-03-13 No Comments

I finished my Opal scheme for Programmer’s Notepad 2 so here it is: opal_pn2.scheme. Since PN2 is based on Scintilla you will need a version of SciLexer.dll containing the “opal” lexer. This lexer is included in Scintilla 1.68 and later. The latest DLL can be found in wscite???.zip from here.