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Fwd: Restless 2012-03-16 No Comments

At first it felt a bit like this movie was made for an audience of people below 30. Maybe it is. Restless is quite a sad movie. But it does make up for it and when it leaves it is not sadness that remains. Better see for yourself.

Fwd: Beginners 2012-03-11 No Comments

Beautiful. Strongly recommended.

Fwd: Drive 2012-03-03 1 Comment

My brother once said: Nicolas Cage is a guarantee for a crap movie. From from my past impressions the opposite seems to be true for Ryan Gosling. I’m just back from “Drive”. Good movie. Two downsides. First it’s very brutal. Reminded me of a scene in American History X once, the scene I wish I […]

(German) Fwd: Brownian Movement 2012-02-28 No Comments

Der Trailer hatte mich neugierig gemacht: Der Film besticht durch die Ruhe, die fast allen Szenen gegeben ist und mitunter fast übertrieben wirken kann. Die Details der Geschichte scheinen mir nur für die zentralen, ausgesprochene Frage “Ich bin hier, jetzt, mit dir — Warum reicht das nicht?” wirklich wichtig zu sein. Ein merkwürdiger Film, aber […]

Fwd: The Wackness (2008) 2011-07-31 No Comments

I’ve just been having good fun with this movie featuring Ben Kingsley: On a side note it seems to me that faces work like grammars and languages (speaking of theoretical computer science). Again and again a face reminds me of another, Olivia Thirlby of Rachel McAdams this time. I cannot name the building blocks their […]