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A logo for Backup Awareness Day? (24th each month) 2011-07-31 No Comments

I had the idea of visualizing “backup” as “back up” and e-mail this logo draft for Backup Awareness Day to Stephanie Booth a few days ago. I got an away autoreply back for now. I’m curious if she’ll adopt, modify and adopt or reject it. Before she decides you get a chance to see it […]

Linux Mint, logos and wallpapers 2009-08-25 11 Comments

I think I stumbled upon Linux Mint on DistroWatch, upon this screnshot: Somehow I wanted to see that wallpaper on my desk. Finally I found the image and put it up my desk: It didn’t take long to where I wanted a version without the mint logo on it. The logo is nice but I […]

Manhattan: a Keynote look-alike LaTeX Beamer theme 2009-07-08 4 Comments

Today, pictures first: Inspired by Shawn Lankton’s keynote-lankton beamer theme I have created a LaTeX Beamer theme Manhattan: my attempt at bringing a bit more Keynote spirit to Free Software land. Please give it a try, usage is as easy as \usetheme{Manhattan} Downloads: Manhattan theme Sample PDF demo document The current license is a dual-license […]

Creative Commons’ing my blog 2009-01-10 No Comments

From today on all post content on this blog including past posts is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Germany License. I’ve been seeing value in Creative Commons for quite some time now but never really thought of applying it to my own blog…? I guess I wasn’t really aware that this is […]

ccBeamer: Creative Commons logos for your LaTeX Beamer presentations 2007-07-02 5 Comments

I created PDF versions of the Creative Commons logos so they integrate with Beamer presentations smoothly. It looks like this (click to enlarge): Since I’m not able to create real LaTeX packages yet, I just put the collection of commands into a normal .tex file. Usage example and its output is included. Download: ccbeamer-0.1.zip.