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Fwd: Git User’s Survey 2011 2011-09-07 No Comments

“[I]t will help the Git community a lot to understand your needs, what you like about Git, and of course what you don’t like about it.” (quoted from here) Git User’s Survey 2011

Fwd: Git User Survey 2010 2010-09-22 No Comments

Are you Using Git? Have you taken the Git User Survey 2010 already?

Python, Git and a post-checkout hook 2009-08-23 No Comments

When switching between branches with different sets of .py files it can easily happen that code containing broken imports is slipping through unnoticed. By broken import I mean “import foo” with no “foo.py” around on that branch. Such thing can happen, as the .pyc file is still laying around. To prevent it you could stuff […]

Git User Survey 2009 2009-07-27 No Comments

From July 15 to September 15 the Git User Survey 2009 is open for participation. It’s fun and you might shape Git’s future a bit. Please have a look.

git svn-status: “svn status” remake for Git 2009-03-22 6 Comments

I’ve been playing around with commands to produce an exact clone of svn status for Git. git status would have said this about my repository: $ git status # On branch master # Changes to be committed: # (use “git reset HEAD <file>…” to unstage) # # deleted: bla3 # new file: bla4 # # […]

Forced push on libxspf Git repository No Comments

Sorry, in case that hits you. I had to do it: I made a mistake during the initial Subversion to Git repository import which is why several commits somewhere around libspiff-0.7.0 were not imported at all. The Subversion server disconnected a few times and it seems that continuing with the very same clone command was […]

uriparser moved to Git 2009-03-12 No Comments

The core uriparser code has moved to Git. The repository and commit notification feeds can be found here: http://uriparser.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=uriparser

Git, Mercurial and Bazaar at SourceForge No Comments

In case you missed it: Bazaar and Mercurial SCM services launched. Git arrived a bit earlier.

libxspf 1.1.0 released (successor of libSpiff) 2009-02-22 No Comments

With this release libSpiff mutates into libxspf, same thing new name. Under the hood the build system has improved and generation of Qt Assistant-friendly documentation has been added. The source code moved from a Subversion to a Git repository. Please meet me at the XSPF mailing list to team up on any transition-related issues. Thank […]

SF.net Subversion to Xiph.org Git migration 2009-02-21 No Comments

I’m still at renaming libSpiff to libxspf and as part of that I also decided to move from Subversion to Git. In case anybody plans to do similar here is what I did: Get a shell account at git.xiph.org and write access to /var/www/git.xiph.org/libxspf.git/. Run a few commands only my local shell: # Fetch old […]