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Building Qt Creator from sources on Unix 2008-12-21 6 Comments

This is more or less what I did to build and run Creator on a system with another Qt4 installed already. It’s just one way to do this. I’m posting it in hope to help somebody having trouble with it. git clone git://labs.trolltech.com/qt/snapshot/4.5 qt-45 cd qt-45 ./configure -optimized-qmake -nomake demos -nomake examples \ -no-xmlpatterns -no-phonon […]

Free book download: “C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4” (first edition) 2008-10-01 14 Comments

For some it might be old coffee, maybe not for everybody. I just stumbled over the free download of the first edition of .. C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 The second edition is in stores currently.

doxygen2qthelp 1.1.0 Windows binaries 2008-08-02 No Comments

For people having had trouble with CREATE_SUBDIRS = YES here are updated doxygen2qthelp binaries. doxygen2qthelp_110_windows.zip webkit_assistant_20080716_windows.zip Note: Just like before the Assistant package also requires the .dll’s from the doxygen2qthelp package to run.

doxygen2qthelp 1.0 Windows binaries 2008-07-17 No Comments

Compiling a Qt snapshot on Windows can take about 2 hours. I felt like moving the burden of building doxygen2qthelp from your to my shoulders and made two binary packages for you: One package contains doxygen2qthelp 1.0 binaries built against a recent snapshot of Qt, the other a Webkit-enabled version of Qt Assistant so you […]