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Open Source IRC on Windows 2007-12-27 1 Comment

HydraIRC mis-uses the term “Open Source”, Bersirc has been no fun to use in the past, … Until a few days ago I thought there was no decent Open Source IRC client available for Windows. Great to see that Irssi has up-to-date Windows/Cygwin binaries now.

Cygwin from here 2007-10-27 7 Comments

I’m very happy that I finally got this working: a Windows shell menu entry CYGWIN from here that opens a Cygwin Bash for that very folder. After weeks of typing “cd /cygd<TAB>/c/” and so on now two clicks instead are ten times faster for me, assuming that this very folder was under my nose in […]

Trouble with Patch 2.5.8-8 on Cygwin 2006-02-10 No Comments

I am not fully sure yet but it seems like Patch 2.5.8-8 does not work properly with text files when choosing “Unix/binary” as default text file type in the Cygwin installer. So if you have trouble with Patch too maybe a clean re-installation with “DOS/text” mode can help.