LaTeX Beamer Theme Matrix 2009-03-24

First a preview (excerpt) of what this post is about:

Selecting something from a set of candidates works much better when you have comfortable access to all of them. Selecting a theme (and color theme) for a Beamer presentation within an edit-compile-evaluate loop takes time and makes comparison unnecessarily hard.

Johannes Buchner automated this procedure to some extent in 2007. I built on his idea and took it to the next level. I create an overview tables showing all possible combinations: Along the x-axis we have color themes, along the y-axis themes. Two different kinds of slides – a title page and a regular content page – are compiled against each combination of theme and color theme. The output is

  • Set of .png files
  • Directory tree allowing you to fix any two dimensions, e.g. the folder ./output/by-page/title/by-theme/Malmoe contains files that show
    • title pages
    • with theme “Malmoe”
    • running through all color themes.
  • Overview table (“matrix”) showing thumbnails of all images at once

The script is available under GPLv3 or later. Non-obvious dependencies are

You can find the sources at the beamer-theme-matrix Git repository.

Elias Pipping March 26th, 2009


Fabian April 16th, 2009

Awesome. Thank you.

Ali April 23rd, 2009

thnx man, well done!!!

Johannes April 24th, 2009

Hi, great work. Thanks for linking back.

Gustavo August 24th, 2009


Miguel December 8th, 2009

Great work! Thanks a lot.

Sig_Block January 29th, 2010

Tanks a lot

sean June 3rd, 2010

cheers for this!

Tomás May 1st, 2012

Thank you very much for such a clear idea!

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