freshplayerplugin (Chrome Flash for Firefox) in Gentoo betagarden, uses uriparser 2014-06-24

Since Adobe has stopped developing Flash for Firefox and Mozilla has no plans to support the Pepper plug-in API, Rinat Ibragimov is developing a wrapper to use Google Chrome’s Pepper-based Flash plug-in with Mozilla Firefox:

GitHub: i-rinat/freshplayerplugin

A live ebuild is now available in the “betagarden” overlay. Users of non-stable Chrome can edit the plug-in path in /etc/freshwrapper.conf.

Interestingly, freshplayerplugin makes use of my library uriparser for URI handling. Very nice! 🙂

Raffaele February 22nd, 2015

Sometimes the build fails because of a missing depencendy that is not tracked. Just install ragel and it will be fine

sping February 22nd, 2015

Thanks for the hint on Ragel. Please use a proper channel for bug reports (e.g. the betagarden overlay contact) next time, though.
I have added Ragel as a build dependency and made a non-live ebuild for 0.2.3 now.

Davide Gessa March 10th, 2015

Thank you for the trick, you saved my life 😛

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