SF.net Subversion to Xiph.org Git migration 2009-02-21

I’m still at renaming libSpiff to libxspf and as part of that I also decided to move from Subversion to Git. In case anybody plans to do similar here is what I did:

  1. Get a shell account at git.xiph.org and write access to /var/www/git.xiph.org/libxspf.git/.
  2. Run a few commands only my local shell:
    # Fetch old repository
    echo "EdSchouten = Ed Schouten <protected>" \
        >> libspiff_authors
    echo "hartwork = Sebastian Pipping <protected>" \
        >> libspiff_authors
    git svn clone https://libspiff.svn.sourceforge.net/\
    svnroot/libspiff --stdlayout \
    # Build new bare/remote repository
    git clone --bare libspiff libxspf.git
    echo "Official libxspf repository" \
        > libxspf.git/description
    touch libxspf.git/git-daemon-export-ok
    # Upload it
    rsync -avz libxspf.git/* sping@git.xiph.org:\

More on libSpiff/libxspf later.

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