GIMP 2.7.3 in Gentoo? 2011-08-31

I heard about GIMP 2.7.3 (released 2011-08-22) and its long-awaited single window mode from LWN recently. It read “[v]ersion 2.7 [..] wont hit most distro repositories for a while” quoting Linux Journal. That got me interested. Most distros? Not Gentoo: I updated the ebuild to 2.7.3 today. Once you unmask it, you can emerge it. Please report problems with it on as usual. Thanks! If the next weeks go well, it could get unmasked soon.

Elias Pipping August 31st, 2011

It think quoting the article as

“[v]ersion 2.7 [..] wont hit most distro repositories for a while”

is a bit misleading. The full quote reads

“Version 2.7 is part of the development branch, so unfortunately, the feature wont(sic) hit most distro repositories for a while.”

Version 2.7 will probably never hit most distros because it’s a development version. The feature will, though. With 2.8.

Damien August 31st, 2011

I installed from a local ebuild picked somewhere and it has been installed from one or two weeks now. But I just tried the single-window mode and didn’t really use it yet ;).

emc September 1st, 2011

i such moment I’m proud to be gentoo user 🙂

mpagano September 1st, 2011

Thanks, Sebastian

scarabeus September 3rd, 2011

While at it you could also fix that stupid underlinking bug so i can install it with gold 😉

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