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Gentoo LinuxTag 2011 and static gallery generators

This year our booth was placed between openSUSE and Schillix. The booth was staffed by a mix of known and new faces: Alex Legler (a3li), Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn (chithanh), Andrew Karpow, Attila Stehr, Christian Ruppert (idl0r), Stefan Behte (craig), Marcus Becker and myself (sping).

Running the booth meant setup, teardown, and four days of of listening, answering questions, offering free flyers, DVDs, posters, selling t-shirts and mugs. 200 DVDs were sponsored by the Gentoo Foundation, Inc. (thanks!), all gone.

100 posters were sponsored by Förderverein Gentoo e.V., all gone. 14 T-Shirts and 40 mugs were sold. Off the booth Chí-Thanh and Andrew were part of the team winning the hacking contest (just as the year before).

I have set up a gallery based on Cataract Gallery Generator joined by a sexy intro page by a3li at now. Please check it out for more Gentoo pictures of LinuxTag 2011 and previous exhibitions. If you have pictures for me to add, please pick a Creative Commons license and send a link my way.

The rest of this post is about the process of setting up the gallery. I originally started with mkgallery, also checked igal2, Photon and lazygal. mkgallery has little features and many hickups, igal2 turned out too boring (compared to the others) and doesn't seem to work recursively. Photon makes use of command-line GIMP, which was a no-go on our server to me. For lazygal we don't have dependency pyexiv2 in tree yet (I now found it in an overlay). However, the most convincing reason for Cataract was its demo gallery. So I wrote a quick ebuild for it (media-gfx/cataract in overlay betagarden), wrote a Python script to generate required index.xml files

and fixed one or two CSS issues manually. Among the problems that Cataract still has is respecting EXIF orientation hints. That is reported upstream by now, I hope for the best.

Update: There are now packages for pyexiv2, lazygal and photon in overlay betagarden: dev-python/pyexiv2, media-gfx/lazygal, media-gfx/photon.

The images on the left are licensed CC-BY-NC-SA/3.0 Alex Legler (images 1 and 3) and CC-BY-NC-SA Jonathan Wonneberger (images 2 and 4).