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Why I recommend Debian over Ubuntu by now 2017-02-28 No Comments

I recently noticed that I would clearly suggest Debian over Ubuntu to someone about to make that choice. A few reasons why: The Chromium browser lagged so much behind Debian in Ubuntu recently, that payment on AirBnB would fail on Ubuntu (16.10) while working well on Debian; the update/fix took way too long. The corefonts […]

Creating Fedora chroots on Debian, Gentoo, … easily 2017-02-18 No Comments

Hi! Just a quick tip on how to easily create a Fedora chroot environment from (even a non-Fedora) Linux distribution. I am going to show the process on Debian stretch but it’s not be much different elsewhere. Since I am going to leverage pip/PyPI, I need it available — that and a few non-Python widespread […]

Compiling Gimp from Git master on Debian 2013-10-04 No Comments

I recently helped someone compile Gimp (and dependencies Gegl and Babl) from Git master on Debian for development purposes. If getting Gimp compiled is all that keeps you from hacking on Gimp, this might be for you: #! /usr/bin/env bash # Copyright (C) 2013 Sebastian Pipping <sebastian@pipping.org> # Licensed under the MIT license set -x […]

MediterraneanNight GTK+ theme quick-hack Debian package 2013-07-24 No Comments

Intro There is a nice GTK+ 2.x/3.x theme called MediterraneanLight (part of the MediterraneanNight Series) that I have started using a while ago. Since there is no official Debian package and most of the files end up in /usr/share/themes/ as-is, I decided to make a quick-hack Debian package myself so that I could cleanly un-install it […]

Running Hotline Miami on 64-bit Linux (“amd64”) 2013-06-28 1 Comment

Contents On Debian (using 32-bit chroot) On Gentoo (using a mix of multilib and emul-linux-x86-* packages) I recently had trouble getting (the 32-bit binaries of) PC game Hotline Miami to run on a amd64 Debian machine. In the end I got it to work using a 32-bit chroot. That’s what the post is about, mainly. […]

German keyboard layout at disk unlocking time (i.e. in the initramfs boot process) with Debian 2012-05-31 No Comments

Among the first things a Debian installer does is making me select a proper keyboard layout. For a setup including disk encryption that makes me enter a password with a German keyboard layout just as I asked it to: good. After reboot, things look a little different: I am expected to enter my password with […]

Installing Debian to an existing dm-crypt container 2012-05-30 6 Comments

For my new work notebook I am aiming for a setup with Debian and Gentoo side by side. I installed Gentoo first and went for adding Debian today.  For a notebook I want full disk encyrption of course and my plans were to use one big dm-crypt container for everything except /boot. Interestingly, the installer […]

Debian needs your help (with packaging) 2008-01-19 4 Comments

As with every major Free Software project there is always work to do in Debian, e.g. tasks related to packaging. I have been working on a new web view onto the “Packaging Todo List” in hope to better answer the question “How can I help Debian?”. (I’m working on the third package myself now and […]

Reverse package dependency lookup in Debian/Ubuntu 2007-12-24 3 Comments

I stumbled over a neat tool call apt-rdepends today. It can list forward and reverse dependencies as well as generate dot graphs from that. Here are two little examples. Recursive forward dependency lookup of package git-arch as graph: apt-rdepends –-dotty git-arch | dot -Tpng > git_deps.png The output looks like this: Non-recursive reverse dependency lookup […]

GLMatrix screensaver configuration in Ubuntu Gutsy 2007-10-27 4 Comments

I have no idea why but Ubuntu doesn’t allow to configure the screensavers it comes with. Not those screensavers were not configurable, but in contrast to xscreensaver-demo, Ubuntu itself does not offer access to their visual config 🙁 What I wanted to do is stop GLMatrix from rotating the matrix, which would have been -no-rotate […]