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Fwd: Robyn ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Official Video 2015-03-28 No Comments

Not really new, just rocks the house. Robyn ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Official Video

I ❤ Free Software 2015-02-14 2015-02-15 No Comments

I’m late. So what 🙂

Back on-line, finally No Comments

The core web services of mine are finally back on-line: hartwork.org blog.hartwork.org — this blog www.hartwork.org — my old, pre-blog website www.hartwork.org/beamer-theme-matrix/ — the LaTeX beamer theme matrix www.hartwork.org/public/distrowatch_gentoo_x86_latest_*.txt — feeding the package freshness of Gentoo at DistroWatch.com validator.xspf.org — a W3C-like online XSPF validator wnpp.debian.net — Debian Packages that Need Lovin’, a user interface […]

Fwd: Chrome Plans to Mark All ‘HTTP’ Traffic as Insecure from 2015 2015-01-01 1 Comment

I’ve been waiting for this (without knowing): Chrome Plans to Mark All ‘HTTP’ Traffic as Insecure from 2015 I hope it will increase the pressure on websites to turn to SSL that so far are still ignoring the issue. A few coming to my mind: BSR Shop — no SSL at all Finya — no […]

Fwd: Wilkinson covers OneRepublic’s Counting Stars in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge 2014-09-25 No Comments

Wilkinson covers OneRepublic’s Counting Stars in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

(German) Zu “Ran an die Buletten” von Elisabeth Raether, ZEITmagazin #33, 17. Juli 2014 2014-07-22 No Comments

Die Titel-Story des ZEITmagazins Nummer 33 vom 17. Juli 2014 heißt “Ran an die Buletten” und ist eine verzweifelte Kampagne von Elisabeth Raether, die Reputation der Fleisch-Esser wiederherzustellen: Weiter Fleisch essen aber weniger schlecht fühlen dabei. Zum Untertitel “Warum fleischlose Ernährung größer Käse ist” wird keine schlüssige Argumentation geliefert, auch sonst werden keine ernstnehmbaren Schlüsse […]

Fwd: Jacob Appelbaum 29C3 Keynote: Not My Department 2013-01-13 No Comments

I’m late with this, but… If you have not seen this talk yet, you might want to. As usual with Jacob, very interesting and inspiring.

Fwd: Why privacy matters 2012-12-23 No Comments

I am sharing this video because it has a few interesting points on the value of privacy, especially some that are helpful explaining privacy to others. Two examples: Cory Doctorow (at 00:13): “Privacy is the right to make a mistake.” Christopher Soghoian (at 03:07): “Everyone has something to hide. We have curtains on our windows, […]

My virtual journey of today 2012-03-21 No Comments

I spent some time surfing the internet today (really!) and came by quite a few interesting things, unusually many in my perception. It all started with a video on Ganeti which led to a video on SELinux (which I knew zero about before) which in turn led to a video on mitmproxy. I googled “mitmproxy” […]

Printing a backtrace from inside a C program 2011-08-15 3 Comments

While digging in the latest code of htop in hunt of a resizing bug I came across calls to functions backtrace(3) and backtrace_symbols_fd(3), which I didn’t know about before. htop installs a custom segfault handler which tries to shut down curses and print a stacktrace using the backtrace(3) function. Example output looks like this: htop […]