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Fwd: Facebook’s manual on credible threats of violence (theguardian.com) 2017-05-24 No Comments

Interesting and disturbing: Facebook’s manual on credible threats of violence (theguardian.com)

Fwd: Adelle Waldman — The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P 2015-09-22 Comments Off on Fwd: Adelle Waldman — The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P

I just finished reading Adelle Waldman — The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. I read good things about it somewhere before and got curious to see myself. A great read, never boring, well worth my time.

Detecting when your blog posts get censored by Google (or any search engine) 2012-09-25 3 Comments

Goverments and companies keep approaching Google to “forget” certain URLs with the result of millions of URLs being removed from the search index per month, according to Google itself (see links earlier). Now if you happen to blog about a risky topic, your blog posts (or any other kind of web page) may be removed […]

blkid(8): Superficial comparision of versions from e2fsprogs and util-linux 2012-05-17 1 Comment

Both e2fsprogs and util-linux ship a tool blkid: a frontend to the libblkid library. I was interested in the differences between these two tools. From my current understanding, util-linux’s is a fork of an older version from e2fsprogs. The change log of util-linux(-ng) 2.15 (shipped with util-linux-2.21.1.tar.xz) reads: The libblkid library has been moved from […]

Setting user name and email in Mercurial 2012-05-11 No Comments

As I am rather new to the use of Mercurial it took me a bit of time to find an equivalent to Git’s # git config –global user.name ….. # git config –global user.email ….. earlier today. The answer is editing ~/.hgrc like [ui] username = First Last <mail@example.org> as I learned here eventually. I […]

(German) SSL Zertifikat “DigiNotar” löschen? 2011-08-30 No Comments

Wie der Iran mit Hilfe einer niederländischen Firma GMAIL abhörte Deleting the DigiNotar CA certificate

Fwd: Chris Abani muses on humanity 2011-07-06 No Comments

Chris Abani muses on humanity

svneverever 1.2.0 released No Comments

In some cases previous versions of svneverever would report too high numbers for the revision a directory was last seen on. Let me quote from Wouter Haffmans’ excellent bug description (accompanied by a patch): $ svnadmin create test $ cd test $ svn mkdir “file://`pwd`/parent” -m “Add parent (r1)” $ svn mkdir “file://`pwd`/parent/child” -m “Add […]

.fuse_hidden files 2011-03-14 1 Comment

When playing around with FUSE code I stumbled upon files with names like “/tmp/.fuse_hidden0000022500000001”. I didn’t really find good documentation but a hint on file deletion. So I tried to find out more myself. Ignore that it’s Python – say we had C code like this: f = open(“foo/output.txt”) f.write(“before”) os.unlink(“foo/output.txt”)  # Delete while open f.write(“after”) […]

TED 2009: Two talks I’d like to recommend 2009-03-16 No Comments

From the TED talks I just watched I would like to recommend these two: Elizabeth Gilbert: A different way to think about creative genius and Barry Schwartz: The real crisis? We stopped being wise. Barry Schwartz also did “The Paradox of Choice – Why More Is Less” which I stumbled upon and recommended earlier. Both talks […]